2021 is finally here - and so is the January box!

Updated: Jan 11

Roasts and Olivier salad bowls should already be happily eaten up in every house - holidays are over, the old year has passed - now the New Year, in some parts of the world called the Bull Year should start! We hope that you spent the holidays in a close family circle, with warmth in your heart and soul. We wish next year comes with the bull's determination, peace, composure and wealth.

Let's tell you about what to expect in the January box!

In this new year, one of the most frequently hoped and wished for is good health. We also want it for you and to strengthen it, in the January box you will find "Man's jam", 200g produced by "Durbes Veltes" - an ideal addition to soups, meat dishes or pasta. A little garlic can do you loads of good this season! The jar contains tomatoes, onions, garlic, celery and parsley.

In January, the days are still short, cold and quite dark, so the heart often craves for some sweetness, with caramel or shortcrust pastry, which you can enjoy with tea. So in the box you will receive a Latvian delicacy - caramel "nut" cookies (400g) from "Vecmāmiņas acītes". Childhood delicacy that looks like a nut but tastes like crumbly cookie and caramel!

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Continuing the path of childhood memories, perhaps for some the tear-off wall calendar will remind you of grandparents' homes. Therefore, in the box you will find the tear-off calendar for the days made for "Ieva's Advice newspaper" - full 2021 calendar (Magazine Santa). It shows the name days (which are sometimes forgotten abroad :)) and some useful advice for each day!

For the ones with a sweet tooth - you will have 2 more treats - Laima Bārbele's hard candy sour sweets and dark, crispy cranberry chocolate with oatmeal (100g).

The unique taste of Laima Bārbele (90g) comes from the ripe red fruits of the barberrie bush which has beautiful yellow flowers. Let's face it, we had to ask Google what a barberry bush looks like - and we would love to expand your botanical knowledge with a few images and share the new found information on this very classic and tasty candy treat.

They say that Latvians and potatoes are inseparable. You might agree or not, but it still seems that in winter you often crave delicious pan-fried potatoes, and they lack only Santa Maria potato spice (100g). This unique mix is made from salt, onions, sugar, garlic, paprika peppers, coriander, turmeric, walnut, fennel, cumin, black and Cayenne pepper. Easy and delicious!

The January box will arrive at your home a little later than other months - around January 25th!

Buy the tasty treats of Latvia now to start the New Year on the right foot!

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