Christmas with notes of Latvian cuisine

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

December is fast approaching and will be here very soon - we all could do with a decent sprinkle of festive cheer so we can go full force into the Christmas marathon and preparations.

The most organised and planning oriented of us have already started thinking about gifts and meal plans, but do not fret if you have yet to get to that!

The December box will be very special and original - it could be an amazing gift to yourself or a friend, it will feed the homesick heart with several treats that will make the Christmas eve dinner feel much closer to home.

If you didn't know - you can add a personalsed note to the receiver of the box, if you choose to make it a gift - it will be added to the contents of the box.

🎄 December box contents 🎄

When people ask about very Latvian additions to a Christmas meal, you will for sure hear one thing - Grey peas! And yes, peas are not a foreign food, but the grey kind is very special to Latvia and the region. In the box you will find 500g of biologically grown large grey peas from our partner z/s "Kaņepītes".

We will tell you more about the preparation and use of the grey peas in the next blog post, so follow our blog and social media for the next post!

And there is no Christmas cheer without a good, crunchy gingerbread cookie! Everyone has their own preference - thin ones, thick ones, chunky or very crunchy... In the box we have inclued honey gingerbread cookies that are the thin and crunchy goodness that many of us love, from bakery "Flora" (200g).

We spent a lot of time thinking about Christmas dinner meals and which are the key points to make the meal as close to Latvian cuisine as possible. Most cultures have a lot of stable classics on their list, and we realized that those are mainly spices and condiments that make the meal specific to a culture or region.

And in Latvia there is no roast on your table without stewed cabbage! The brown, caramelised cabbage with carrots and caraway seeds has a special smell and taste... You can buy a roast to your liking almost anywhere, but to remake a "choucroute", "sourcrout" or "sauerkraut" into the Latvian kind...

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The secret to the stewed cabbage is the caraway seeds, so you will find a packet of whole caraway seeds (250g) from our friends "Manas garšas".

You can use caraway seeds in so many ways - add them to make pastries, bread... you can even make tea, that is good for young nursing mothers! There are so many magical ways of using these seeds. We will give some tips, tricks and recipes in a blog post very soon!

And any roast or meaty meal is almost unimaginable without horseradish for a true Latvian!

So in the box you will receive a jar of "Spilva" horseradish (200gr), that will spice up and "Latvianise" any meal, if you are brave enough!

For the unexperienced, we can whisper a tiny little tip - even a classic Olivier salad becomes a whole new experience with a spoon of this magic into the bowl. 😋

There is no celebration without a bit of sugar, chocolate and Balsam! A small little taste of all of that combined into one taste explosion of bliss are the Riga Balsam candies, which you will find in the box! Whole 3 packets of these, so you will be able to share with friends!

There is no better way to set the feeling and mood of Christmas than by using smells and fragrances, that just instantly make you feel festive. Tangerine, cinnamon, pine tree, juniper, gingerbread...

That is why you will find an amazing mix of spices from our dear friends "Manas garšas" perfect for mulled wine or hot juice (50g)!

The bouquet is made of cardamom, Ceylon cinnamon, orange peel, ginger, Indian black pepper, smoked sugar, allspice, juniper, cloves, anise and coriander seeds. All ingredients are BIO certified. All you have to do is add it to red wine or blackcurrant juice, cook it a bit, and the Christmas mood is here!

Continuing the importance of scents in shaping the Christmas mood, we must mention the centuries-old tradition: smudging

Our ancestors in the pagan holiday traditions burned the Christmas log and dragged it around the house to get rid of last year's failures, misfortunes and bad thoughts. Well, this process might not appeal to neighbors and authorities, especially in big cities, so smudging some dried incense is a great substitute.

Smudging juniper, something everyone can do in their home (of course, subject

to all fire safety rules) cleanses the house, brings a wonderful smell, destroys germs and bacteria, and - who believes such things or not - cleanses the house of negative energy. Thanks to the wonderful new Latvian company - lv.smudge, you will find 2 juniper incense in the box!

Follow lv.smudge on social networks, you will definitely find great ideas for gifts and everyday use!

And as the last item in the box, we have prepared a special surprise for you, that we have chosen to keep a secret and a Christmas surprise! It will be a gift from us to you - as a thank you for all of the amazing support we have received!

That brings the total amount of items in the box up to 8 (!!!) - so this is the biggest and fullest box yet. And the price has not gone up, so make sure to grab this box full of goodies at this amazing price while you can!

This box is an amazing gift for yourself, your family or friends, especially now - it is guaranteed to bring some Latvian Christmas cheer to your heart and dinner table, even if you or a friend is not able to come home to Latvia for Christmas.

Merry Christmas to all from our team, by preparing this box, we have already stepped deep into the Christmas festivity mood. 🇱🇻❤️🎄😌

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