What to expect in the Healthy October box?

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Autumn is here, the days are getting shorter, colder, leaves are turning golden and dancing in the wind..

Sadly, 'tis also the beginning of the season of colds and other nasty viruses..

So we prepared the October box to boost your immune system with tasty and healthy Latvian products! Okay, and one mostly comforting snack!

One of the products you will find in the October box is bee pollen

Pollen is a high-quality, biologically active product created by bees, which contains about 50 different components - almost all the substances necessary for the human body! Pollen regulates metabolism and strengthens the immune system. It is recommended to use pollen twice a year for 20 days - two tablespoons in the morning.

In the October box you will receive 100g of pollen for your immune system from our friends, local brand Lejaslives! It is a family business that has bees in honey hives making liquid gold, their heart is fully in beekeeping! Go have a look at their website, and do not hesitate to stop by if you are in Latvia for interesting and educating tours to discover bees and the magical honey making process !

You will also receive a pack of biological green buckwheat from our partners Kanepites

Green buckwheat remains green because it is not roasted, so it stays "alive" and maintains more valuable nutrients, it is able to germinate, and also has milder taste than the usual brown buckwheat.

You will get 400g of green buckwheat to change from usual rice, pasta or potato side dishes! You can find many interesting recipes and learn more about green buckwheat on Kanepites website :

Next up, you will find the Immune tea mix from Rukisu teja

Perfect to keep you warm and avoid nasty colds, so we also included a tasty and natural tea mix from Rukisu Teja, 50 g of Immune tea mix. Roll up in your blanket, get a good book, and sip the taste of Latvian nature!

Learn more about the benefits of plants, and try out other tastes :

To continue the healthy journey, you will find another superfood : sea buckthorn juice

The berries are used in many natural remedies as they're rich in antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins to boost your immune system.

You will find 200 ml of pure, cold pressed sea buckthorn juice to drink mixed 1:6 with water.

Next product, okay this one might be not as healthy as all the previous ones, but deeply missed by all Latvians : garlic rye bread crisps

Well, garlic is granny's remedy for cold, keeps away vampires, ... oh well, just enjoy the box of thin and crispy garlic snacks! (100g)

Last but not least... Something comforting for your soul! The milk candy " Saldus Gotina" , 180g

This toffee is produced from fresh milk and will bring back childhood memories for most Latvians.

A large variety of different and innovative tastes to choose from on their website :

So hurry up and get all these healthy and tasty Latvian goods in your October box!

Get it here :

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