Patriotic November box

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

October has come with autumn and many European countries are again influenced by varying, not so pleasant and easy to deal with restrictions due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Many of us will spend a lot more time at home. Maybe we can put some happy news out for you - the November box with a Patriotic theme in lieu of Latvian Independence day IS NOT CANCELLED! If you order the box until November 10th - you should receive it right on time for the 18th of November, which is the day for celebration, hopefully, providing you with some treats as well as festive atmosphere.

What will you receive in the box this month? - EDITED!

Latvian Independence day would not be festive enough without some rye bread on your dinner table. So in the box you will find 550g of Floras Sējas rye bred.

All you need to do is make the classic Olivier salad, some herring in coat (Latvians will understand, we promise!!), or a tasty desert, we have a provided a recipe for one in the box!

And without a doubt - you need to have some tasty, fizzy drink to help your meal taste truly in the spirit of Latvia - the special Tērvetes Godu kvass (0,5L)!

This dark, unfiltered and beautiful "Glory" drink is a naturally fermented beverage made only from natural ingredients.

And cannot go without some fish dish! Traditional Sprats in oil from our friends SIA BANGA (160g).

High quality and cold smoked sparts, made using the centuries old and loved traditions.


As a staple for any Latvian celebration meal - you have to have some cake!

And the "Lācītis Ķepainītis" (350g) is something that will satisfy the sweet tooth of any chocolate lover!

The classic waffle candy Lācītis Ķepainītis gives everyone a playful crispy waffle and almond flavor. On the package you can see the reproduction of the lovely painting by Ivan Shishkin " Morning in a Pine Forest". This cake is an equal match to such an outstanding work of art.

The tradition mentiones, that something red, white and red has to accompany the meal on this festive day. And what can do it better than sugar coated cranberries!? Very Berry (150g) will be there in the box to accomplish this task.

If you have ever been to Riga - the golden rooster on top of the St. Peter's church is hard to forget! In the box you will find this very Latvian treat - sugar cane rooster! Made by our partner "Lielauces Kliņģeris" - TWO golden honey sugar treats to enjoy and share!

They are made with organic honey, without any other additives or colourings - the golden colour is achieved in the boiling process.

And last but not least - we have included a small little gift from us in the November box! There is a little bit of national pride that we all have, so the little addition will look very nicely on a sweater, coat, hat... 🇱🇻

We do suggest to go ahead and GET THE BOX NOW as the November box has a limited amount of orders available!


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